Recent Work

Knowawall, Inc.
Projects Completed at Art direction and concepts by Noah Wall. My primary roles included Flash Developer, Flash Designer. Presents: Interview Project (Flash Development, Creative Production)
OMAS (Flash Development, Creative Production)
Greg Yale Illumination (Flash Development)
Maya Lin (Flash Development)
SHSK'h (Flash Development, Design)
Stephanie Rausser (Design)
VF Corporation Annual Report (Flash Development)
Daniel Hennessy Photography (Flash Development)
Formavision (Flash Development)

ASD Labs
Projects Completed at Primary roles included HTML Designer/Developer, Flash Designer/Developer.
Labo Architecture (Flash Development, Design)
Barney Kulok (Flash Development, Design)
The Royal Magazine (HTML Development, Design)
The KDU: Consulting (Flash Development, Design)
Hoodman (HTML Development, Design)
Nasty Little Man (HTML Development)
Artworld Salon (HTML Development, Design)
ASD Labs (Flash Development, Design)
The Chelsea Atlantic City (Flash & HTML Development, Design)
Emerson Resort & Spa (Flash & HTML Development, Design)
Soho Sanctuary (HTML Development, Design)
Blacksmith NYC (Flash & HTML Development, Design)
Element (Flash Development, Design)
Matthew Barney:No Restraint (HTML Development)
Source Consulting (Logo Design)
Dale & Thomas Popcorn (HTML & Video Development)
American Tap Dance Foundation (HTML Development)

Projects completed for various clients and employers. (Flash Development) (Flash Development)
Fed Ex Brown Bailout (Flash Development)
Hormel Interactive Kitchen (Flash Development, ongoing maintenance)
Alex Holden (Flash Development, Design)
ING Direct: (Flash Development, Design)

About Me

You're viewing the portfolio of Matt Spiegler, interactive designer and developer with extensive experience designing, building and maintaining high-end, creative sites and flash applications for a wide variety of clientele. Specializing in Adobe Flash Design and Development, ActionScript Programming, Web design, Print Design. Currently seeking freelance or full-time work in the New York City area. Available on-site and off.

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